The team collaboration feature is designed for users in one team to work together. Enterprise Plan can have one admin account and invite two or more agent accounts to be tied to it and share Cloud resources.

Admin account users can manage the tasks of all agent accounts, check and download all the task data, and allocate resources. Agent account users will focus on task configuration, editing, and running. Everyone has their own dashboard and can work together to achieve their data scraping goals.

A web-based console also helps the admin account to be free from desktop software and keep an eye on the data project progress on a web page from anywhere.

In this tutorial, we will introduce how to use the team collaboration web console features.

  1. Log in to the web console

  2. Invite agent accounts

  3. Allocate Cloud resources

  4. Manage tasks on the web console

1. Log in to the web console

Once your account is upgraded to the Enterprise plan, it becomes an admin account. You can then log in to the Octoparse web console.

Once you enter the web console, you will see a dashboard similar to Octoparse software.


Note that only the admin account can log in to the web console.

2. Invite agent accounts

One admin can invite 2 agent accounts by default. You can invite more by paying for more seats.

  • Go to the User settings

  • Click on Add Agent in the upper right

  • Input a valid Octoparse account email address and invite it

  • The invitee will receive an email to confirm to become an agent account

Once the invitee confirms, you will see the status of the account become Active; otherwise, it will be Pending.



  1. You can only invite a valid Octoparse account as an agent. Sign up for an account here if the email address is not tied to any account.

  2. A pending agent account can be removed easily.


If you want to remove an active agent account from your team, please contact us for help.

3. Allocate Cloud resources

By default, the admin and agents share the Cloud resources of the admin account. Admin can also determine the max. a number of Cloud servers one agent can use.

  • Go to the User settings

  • Uncheck the Automatic distribution

  • Change the max. number of Cloud servers for Admin and Agent accounts


If you change it to 20, that means the agent can only use at most 20 Cloud servers.

4. Manage tasks on the web console

The web console dashboard is quite similar to the desktop dashboard.

1) Filter to check different accounts

  • Click on the Filter/Sort button

  • Choose one account from the User


The dashboard will show the tasks of the account selected.

2) Manage tasks

You can start or stop a Cloud run, move the task to another group inside this account, set up task running priority or check the task data by clicking on the ... more options.

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