Having a large number of tasks in your account can be difficult to manage, for this reason, you may want to organize your tasks into groups. For example, you may want to group tasks according to domains, use cases, or projects. In this tutorial, we'll go through how to use groups to better manage your tasks.

View Tasks by Groups

When you go to the dashboard, tasks are listed individually by default, however, you can always switch to Group View by clicking the button in the upper right corner. In Group View, tasks are sorted into groups with which you can quickly find and access the task you need.


Group your tasks

Octoparse will have one group named MyGroup created by default. If no other groups are created, all tasks will be grouped to MyGroup automatically. There is a number of ways you can group your tasks in Octoparse:

Option 1) Assign a group when creating a new task

Simply select a group from the list of pre-created groups when you are creating a new task.


If you need a new group for the task, simply hit "New Group" and enter the group name for the new group.


Option 2) Move a task to another group

If you already have a task but would like to move the task from one group to another, find the task on the dashboard (Task View), click the see more options icon, hover on "Move group" then select the group you'd like to move the task to.


Option 3) Move tasks to another group in bulk

If you have a number of tasks to move to another group, you can actually move the tasks in bulk. On the dashboard (Task View), find and check all tasks that need to be moved, click on "Move group" at the top of the dashboard and pick the group that you'd like to move the tasks to.


Rename your groups

At any point of time, if you'd like to rename an existing group, find the group on the Dashboard (Task Group View), click the pencil icon next to the group name, then simply type in the new name for the selected group.


Delete a group

If you want to delete a group of tasks, you can just move your cursor over to the target group and choose the delete button.


Run tasks in a group (Cloud)

When you have tasks organized in groups, you can run all the tasks of the same group to run at once by selecting the group you need, much easier than if you would have the hand-pick the tasks individually.

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