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Sometimes the data we want to scrape are displayed in a pop-up after clicking a button, and most of the time, these pop-ups are loading with AJAX. Unlike opening a new tab, we'll need to set up the steps to close the pop-up in the workflow. To help you understand it more clearly, here we'll use this URL to walk you through the process of scraping a pop-up:

  • Input the page URL on the home page and click Start

  • Click on Impressum on the webpage

  • Choose Click URL on the Tips panel to display the pop-up


You'll see a Click Item action is generated in the workflow automatically. The pop-up shown is exactly what we need.

  • Select the proper AJAX timeout in the settings for the Click Item and click Apply

  • Select the data we want to scrape from the pop-up one by one

  • Click on the "X" icon, and choose Click URL on the Tips panel.

  • Set up the AJAX timeout


Tip: You may not see Click URL option in the Tips panel after choosing the elements on the page. In this situation, selecting Click element or Click button works the same as it does.

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