Octoparse supports exporting data to your MySQL or SQL server databases directly, which makes exporting data quite convenient. However, you might encounter different errors when connecting to your database or exporting data.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to fix some frequently encountered errors when exporting to your databases.

Error 1: Received an invalid column length from bcp client for coid 1.

This error occurs when the database field column length is too short for one data line.

Solution: Please try to set the data field type to text/longtext, or set the field length as maximum.

Error 2: The data to export contains special characters.

This error happens when there are special characters in your data lines but the database field type does not support the special characters.

Solution: You can try to change the encoding to "utf8mb4" and set the field type to text/varcher.

Error 3: Field X doesn't have a default value.

This error happens when you set up one field to be "Not Null" but in the data, this field does not always have a value.

Solution: You can either set up a default value for the field when it is blank or cancel the "Not Null" setting.

Error 4: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client.

This error occurs when your target database client version is not supported.

Solution: Please download MySQL version 5.6 to do the exporting.

Error 5: Auto-export data does not export any data or only part of the data.

This can happen in different situations. Please make sure your task has non-exported data before using auto-export data as this feature only exports non-exported data.

Solution: You can test the manually export first to see if you get any error messages to help us locate the issue.

If you are using an older version of Octoparse, please download the latest version 8.5.4 to have another try: https://www.octoparse.com/download.

Error 6: Auto-export tool works for a while but shows error "Cannot enqueue Query after fatal error" after some time.

Solution: This is an issue in the old version of Octoparse. Please download the latest version 8.5.4 to have another try: https://www.octoparse.com/download.

Here are some tips that you can always try when you get errors when exporting data:

  1. Set field types as text/varcher

  2. Change the encoding to "utf8mb4"

  3. Always confirm if the manually export to the database works before you start the auto-export.

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