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Occasionally, our users set up a Click Item to process data extraction but only get a blank page without any data. If this problem bothers you, take a few minutes to go through the following article with a tried-and-true solution.


If Octoparse gets a blank page when you configure the task, it is highly possible that Open in a new tab has been selected when a webpage uses AJAX to load information.


Note: If you are interested in how to assess whether a webpage loads content with AJAX, please check out here.

Solution: To solve this problem, the only thing you need to do is to tell Octoparse not to open a new webpage through the following steps:

  • Click on Click Item > Option

  • Uncheck Open in a new tab for Click Item

  • Click Apply to save the change


Octoparse will now be able to load the webpage and extract your desired data.


Note: Check here for more information about Octoparse's Open in a new tab feature.

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