Can't extract image URL



  • Yina

    Hi John,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Can you see the image URL being extracted in the workflow?

    If the image loads but the URL is not extracted, it is possible that the XPath of the image data field does not locate the image correctly.

    You can submit us a ticket to give more details if the issue still persists: 

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  • johnh3612

    If you're talking about seeing the image URL within the URL field when setting up the task in Workflow mode, yes, I can see it.

    I also found another URL for the same image in the source code (probably due to the hover effect), so I experimented with changing the XPath to that image. Again, it was found in the Workflow, but when it came time to extract... blank.

    I'll submit a ticket. Thanks for you help on this.


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