• Yina

    Hi Antarctica,

    You can try to click the first read more button, and choose "Click the element" to build a click item to reveal the full text before you create the loop to extract text.

    All the other reviews should be revealed after clicking the first read more button.

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  • lacmop

    Hi, Antartica1

    do you have working script?

    I have other problem, not all review pages are scraped, they simply skip page .. i dont know why.. :-/




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  • jbaker

    Hello All,

    Did anyone ever find a solution for this?  I'm currently working to collect TripAdvisor reviews from individual hotel properties and want every review for a given property (ex. every TripAdvisor review from The Peninsula Hong Kong).  I'm trying to collect the review text, review date, the bubble rating, reviewer ID, trip type, response from hotel, etc. - about 20 fields in total.).  My scraping task gets all the fields I need, but only gets about 75%-80% of the reviews.  Some are skipped and I haven't yet figured out why. 

    I've already lengthened timeouts for page loading and for AJAX, which made no difference in the number of reviews collected.  I currently believe that there's something about specific reviews (or about each page worth of reviews) that keeps them from being collected by the scraper.  Any advice or insights would be appreciated.

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