Any body has a template on scraping zillow??



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    Hi cliza26,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Currently, we don't have a template for Zillow. But you can check the related tutorials to built one by yourself:
    Scrape real estate information from Kijiji
    Scrape hotel data from Booking

    Best regards,

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  • raj66kas

    I tried and ran into issues. I tried using an Insert Text and then clicking on the search button. I tried both in Zillow and On Realtor the issues is that there is a default value in the search path. I see the text being added to the search box but I dont think it's going into the correct container and I think the search button is grayed out because I hear a ping sound complaining about something. I think there is some kind of toggling going on when text is entered. I've seen similar issues  when trying to post to Facebook.

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