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    Hi fxreza,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    I checked the website and done a test run, looks like the data can be extracted:


    Did you follow the steps in this tutorial to build the task? 


    And since the URL of the webpage changes after we clicked on حقیقی-حقوقی, we can just use the after-URL for the GoToWebPage button:


    If the task is still not working as expected on your end, feel free to submit a ticket through https://helpcenter.octoparse.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with the task attached. So we can help you revise it.

    Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to export the task: How to export a task?

    Best regards,

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  • fxreza

    Thank you Kara for your information, I used Octoparse for extracting many different situations, but this one somehow is different. 

    After clicking on حقیقی-حقوقی the page is different than the one you attached, and when I try to select the elements, Octoparse is not able to recognize the same elements, please check the attachments. I've clicked on 2 different elements and it recognize the wrong similar ones. 

    So, technically I am not able to make a task to attach it.


    I appreciate your time and help. 

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  • Emma

    Hi fxreza,

    Sorry for the late repply.

    Have you tried clicking on the icon to expand the area selected to the whole row?


    And then select the second row in the same way, then the third... till Octoparse recognize the whole table and highlight them:


    Choose to "Extract text of the selected elements" and the loop item will be built automatically:

    Best regards,

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