I'm new to the platform and want to better understand safety, security, and use of the platform. 


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  • Scarlett

    The data you extract from websites are stored on your device if you use the local extraction mode. If you use the cloud extraction mode, the data will be stored in our cloud server. If you want to delete the data you can delete them in Octoparse. If you want to delete your account, you can do it on our website. And we won't track your account, we only monitor how many cloud servers you're using.

    For the second question, we simulate human interaction to bypass CAPTCHA.

    If you want to scrape data behind a login, you need to log into the site via Octoparse, otherwise, Octoparse won't be able to extract the data you need. Your login information will only be stored on your device. We won't keep your credentials.

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