Hi, Can you scrape LinkedIn profiles with jobs & job changes through Octoparse?



  • Scarlett

    Octoparse can scrape data from LinkedIn now.  You can download the software from this link. https://www.octoparse.com/download

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  • vgrdwntr


    I saw this question so i follow up with another here:

    Is it posible with Octoparse to scrape and extract data for the newest job changes?

    In linkedin i use to go this way manually today. I want a tool to help me do this more easy.
    Sales Navigator > Saved Searches > Changed jobs in the past 90 days


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  • Emma

    Hi vgrdwntr,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Regarding your question, if the content of the webpage changes, but the webpage URL is still the same, we are not able to identify it, but as long as the URL is different, we can use incremental extraction to get the updated data easily, here's the tutorial: Incremental Extraction- Get updated data easily

    Best regards,

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