Our company is interested in using your software and we have a couple of questions.


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  • Scarlett

    To "obtain the email address and phone number for decision-makers at hospitals and hotels", you'll need to be sure about:

    1. What are the websites to scrape data from;
    2. Where are those email and phone number locates on the webpage;

    Let me explain to you how Octoparse scrapes data from the web first. Usually to scrape data from one website or URLs under one domain will use one crawler(because their webpage structure is the same), then by configuring the workflow of the crawler, we are telling Octoparse how to find the target data. 

    So if you want to scrape from just one or two websites, it is easy to handle, if you want to scrape from multiple websites, you might need to build many crawlers, but there's also one kind of situation which was introduced in this tutorial: Can I extract email addresses from a series of websites without similarities? You can scrape all the emails with just one crawler if the emails share the exact same location on different websites.

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