Can your software do the following? Just a quick yes or no will do:


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  • Scarlett

    - Do a keyword search on Google.
    Yes, that's something we can do.

    - For the Google results pages that I define i.e. pages 1-10, scrape the Google ad details (ad headline, ad destination or display URL, ad description). And/or the organic (SEO) results, too.
    Yes, basically we can scrape everything on the result page.

    - Have the facility to stop IP addresses/proxies getting blocked by Google.
    Yes, if you run the task in the cloud, the chance of being blocked by Google is low.

    -Please also specify if it can search and scrape Google results up to 10 pages, as opposed to uploading a CSV file with the 10 URLs in it.
    Yes, it can. In fact, you can upload 1 million URLs by importing URLs from a CSV file. The description was miswritten.

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