Hello, I am trying to create a crawler to do the following. 1. Go to http://costcode.net/Equipment/


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  • Scarlett

    You have configured three paginations, which is not right.
    Please follow the steps below to configure a new task:
    1. Create a new task and save the URL: http://costcode.net/Equipment/

    2. Create a loop item to click each manufacturer: Lesson 5: Getting data - Click through links in a list and capture data from each item page
    Just click the first manufacturer, and select "Select all" on the Action tips:

    3. Create a loop to select all the subcategories. Just do as step 2.
    Click the first subcategory, and select "Select all"

    4. Extract the text you need.

    5. Modify the XPath of the second loop item into the variable list: 

    6. Uncheck the AJAX Load timeout for the click item:

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