We provide two types of data service in Octoparse. Here is the detail


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  • Jillian

    Hi there,

    We provide two types of data service in Octoparse. Here are the general pricing and service detail. If you have needs for data service, please contact our data specialist Yanni via "yanni@octoparse.com".


    Option A: Crawler Customization.

    - Our tech could help you set up the crawlers for each website, then you can manipulate the running time of the crawlers in our Software on your end, to get the data yourself.

    - Windows version is available now, Mac version will be released in May 2020.

    - The cost for one custom crawler starts at $250. The price will vary from the different complexity of the websites. For a batch of crawlers (over 3 sites), we will come up with a 20% off as a package price.

    - The crawler can help you extract data for unlimited times. We will provide maintenance for a crawler when the website updates with small extra charges after 2 weeks.

    - For websites (Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...) only works with Javascript crawler, the price would be started at $899. 

    You will need a plan to enjoy cloud extraction. For the pricing please refer to our pricing page.


    Option B: Data as a service.

    We can deliver the clean data to you as per your requirement.

    - For one-time extraction, the cost is $399 for one site with 10K lines of data, and then $0.005/line for additional lines.

    - For the second and following time, it's $99 for 10K lines of data, then, $0.005 for any additional row.


    If you’d like an accurate quote for your project, we need to know more about your project. Please further advise the followings,


    - How many websites do you plan to scrape?

    - What's the frequency to have updated all the sites?

    - What are the websites on your monitoring list?

    - You’d scrape the whole site or a few categories

    - What specific data fields are you looking to extract?

    - Do you have a preference for how the project is fulfilled? We do have the ability to do this for you as a managed service, OR you can license the software and do it yourself. 

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