Hello..I am trying basic task like crawling yellowpages and not getting any results via cloud or local...what settings should i do..and how many queries can i run at the same time?


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  • Scarlett

    1. Does my subscription allow me to do these tasks on the cloud..when I try I see no results?
    Yes, your standard plan allows you to run 6 tasks in the cloud.

    2. Can I do multiple tasks at once...Right now the tasks are really slow.
    Yes, you can run multiple tasks at the same time using the cloud extraction feature.

    3. When I scrape Yellowpages. I see that Octoparse is not grabbing the emails yet on the page I see emails (I am using the available template. Also, how do I select multiple cities in Yellowpages? I tried to enter cities like this... New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. but this did not work.
    Yes, you can. But the Yellowpages template is not available at the moment, our tech team is working on fixing it. Could you try to build one on your own?Scrape leads from Yellowpages

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