My task is getting the correct data in local extraction but not in cloud extraction. Why is that? Should they be the same thing?


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  • Fergus

    The website you're scraping now has an infinite content load feature, so you have to scroll down to load more content. In your case, please follow the instructions below to change your settings.

    Click "Go to Web Page" action -> increase timeout to 600s ->check "clear cache before loading the web page" -> check "scroll down the page after it is loaded.

    Cick the first loop item -> change loop mode to "various list" and input this XPath "//UL[@id='posts-container']/LI/DIV[1]/H3[1]/A[1]".

    Click the second loop item -> change the XPath  to "//div[@class="entry-content entry clearfix"]/p".

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