Tripadvisor url : it gives null instead of star rating. And only 3 pages of results whereas it should be more than 1500 results



  • Jillian

    For the Trip Advisor, it looks like the template does not scrape the rating from We will have our developer team to have a check.
    For the booking, we have found the issue and will revise it soon.

    1. Start a new task.

    2. Let Octoparse do the auto-detect and wait for it to complete:

    3. Click Save settings

    And you will see a workflow on the left:

    4. Extract the rating. Click the rating area and choose to scrape the outer HTML.

    Click the setting of the Extract Data action and choose to extract attribute and select alt:

    Scrape booking would be similar.

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  • jbaker

    Regarding the star rating, please check your XPath.  I have a scraper for TripAdvisor and am currently able to get the "bubble rating" using the following Relative XPath - /descendant-or-self::DIV[contains(@class,"nf9vGX55")]

    This returns data such as - "<span class="ui_bubble_rating bubble_50"></span>"

    I have one column in my data table that shows this HTML.  I then use the same XPath in a separate column, where I use the RegEx tool to strip off the HTML, rendering the line above as "50" [a rating of 5 out of 5].   I hope this helps.


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