As i am trying this out with no data scraping background, it takes quite a while to read through and try the tutorials.


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  • Scarlett

    To scrape Shopee, we will need to configure two tasks, one to collect data information(especially the product URL) from the listing page, the other task to go to the product URLs to get data.

    You can check this tutorial for more info: 

    And please note that you need to set up scroll down for the Go to web page action and click to paginate actions. The website requires scrolling down to load the page completely.
    Dealing with Infinitive Scrolling/Load More

    As for scraping the images, Shopee does not use IMG tag to include the image URL. We need to scrape the HTML code of the element first, then match out the URL from the code:

    Use Match with Regular Expression: Re-format data extracted

    The regular expression can be generated with our RegEx tool:

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