I'm interested in purchasing a subscription for my company however, I notice on the Facebook Posts and Instagram Comments, as well as twitter, the templates say that these templates have a limited access. What is included in the full template?


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  • Fergus

    Regarding your first question, for example, with the full accessed templates. these limitations will be removed:

    To use the unlimited version of these JavaScript templates, we have two plans for you to choose:

    1) $50 per month for one template, 3-month minimum(to subscribe to this template)
    2) $200 for 100,000 lines of data, pay and go.

    If you want to go with option1), you account needs to be on a premium plan at the same time(because the JavaScript template can only run in the cloud). 

    Regarding your second question(there was a difference between the actual comment count Including replies), for these kinds of infinitive scroll pages, there might be some missing data, especially when you are scraping a large amount of them, you can have a test with the template first to see if the percentage of missing data is acceptable before purchasing.

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