I have a crawler task I'm trying to set up and I have a mistake somewhere so that it's not working the way it should.


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  • Scarlett

    There are several "Clicking Items" in the workflow, for some of these clicking actions, the webpage loads now content with AJAX loading(Deal with AJAX), which means for these steps, the system will not be able to go back to the former page to click on the next items in the loop. For situations like this, we'll need to split the task into two or more, here we need to split it into three, the first two to extract detail page URLs with Octoparse firstly, and then scrape data we want with the URL list.

    I built you the first task to scrape the URLs, please find it in the attached. If you are new to URLs list extraction, please follow this video tutorial to build the next tasks. [Click here]

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