Could you tell me the difference and advantage between Octoparse and Diffbot?


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  • Fergus

    We are not very familar with Diffbot. So I checked its official website and tried to find out how it works.

    It looks like Diffbot offers extraction API for users, so it would require technical backgroud.
    Octoparse is a non-coding web scraping tool for every one. You can easily configure a crawler to get data with Octoparse.

    As for the advantages, I guess every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is if the tool can achieve your needs.

    If both can achieve your needs, you may consider which one is easy to use, budget-friendly and offers good support.

    May I know more detials about your scraping needs? 
    You can send over the website URL and data fields you need to scrape. We can help you to check if Octoparse is able to do that for you and how much is it. We will also tell you the limitations of Octoparse in doing this.

    You can offer the same information for Diffbot to see if they could help you with that and how much is it. 
    After you collect the information, you can decide which one to choose.

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