I'm finding it just sorta stops before it reaches the end of the list.


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  • Scarlett

    Octoparse can't reach the end of the list because Yelp doesn't allow us to view all of the pages.

    We can change the URL parameter to view other pages without clicking on the next page button. On page 2, the parameter is 30, on page 3, it's 60. 

    So on page 500, it should be 1500. But Yelp doesn't show us the result.

    I'd suggest you use a combination of filters on the left bar to narrow the results. Using this method, Octoparse is able to extract all the results. Besides, the more filters you use, the more you know about your target clients' needs for a beverage because different restaurants have their unique position. You can segment them by distance, ARPU, neighborhoods, etc, to figure out what product fits the customers of your target clients. 

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