Does it work with Google Shopping? And in multiple countries? And within those countries, does it support multi language?


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  • Scarlett

    1. Octoparse works with Google Shopping. But not sure how Google shopping works with multiple countries and languages.
    Does the website offer options to change the country and language?

    2. The crawler is a set of commands that tell Octoparse which page to go, which button to click, and what data to scrape.
    A crawler can scrape multiple pages of one domain sharing similar page layout.

    One crawler can scrape multiple countries if the page layout of the countries is the same. If not, you will need one crawler for one country.

    3. If you have a website that allows you to search GTINs and show you the pricing of competitors on the search result page, it is possible to use Octoparsea to get the data.
    But if you need to get the pricing from websites of different computers, that would be hard.

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