Not sure what's going on but the last 2 days I've encounter various problems


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  • Scarlett

    Regarding your questions:

    1. Running scrapes only works if I run them on my computer
    Sometimes the structure of the webpage might be different when loading in the cloud. Could you please send over the task you built for testing? I'll help look into the problem and revise it for you directly. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to export the task: How to export a task? (If there are login steps in the workflow, please send over the password since it will be deleted automatically when the task was exported for privacy protection reasons.)

    2. Delay/lag
    3. When I'm in browser mode it still selects elements
    4. Opening dashboard from saved task and the task/website I was working on will still be in view with Dashboard.
    5. Crash, go white except the section I've selected out.

    May I know if you are using the Beta 8.1 version? Is so, we are very sorry for the inconvenience brought by, this is a beta version, so there could be some unstable issues. These issues will be resolved with the next update, it would be much appreciated if you stay tuned. Thank you for your understanding.

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