I have a list of part numbers in Excel I need to search and pull the quantity and pricing from a website. How to do it?



  • lmduffy0

    I have a similar question.  Is it always necessary to manually copy and paste the excel part numbers into the text list in the list loop?  It seems like it would be a nice feature to have a way to point to an Excel file or an external text list created in MSWord or wordpad without having to open and edit the text list in the list loop.  I'm interested in automating things for people that don't know anything about scraping or programming.  All they would have to do is 1) create a parts list and 2) run a task I created in Octoparse that returns an excel spreadsheet back to them.  In other words, Is there any way for me to do this so they don't have to open Octoparse, click on the text list in the loop and paste in their parts list?  Thanks!    

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  • Emma

    Hi lmduffy0,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Yes, you can update the test list automatically with the Advanced API, which is only available for Professional Users. (data API cannot update the URLs or text), here's the doc for your reference: http://advancedapi.octoparse.com/help  You can apply for the free trial to test the function: How to apply for a 14-day free trial?

    Best regards,

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