I want to find any one who graduated form university in the last 10years on google/bing. Facebook, IG, Twitter, Linkedin?


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  • Kiki

    Hi there,

    It is possible to scrape data from those websites except Linkedin.

    The problem is to confirm the scraping process. Octoparse simulates human behaviors when browsing a browser. If you could get the data on a regular browser, then you should be able to simulate the processes with Octoparse.

    But your requests are quite general. So you have to confirm how to navigate to the target web pages to get data.

    For example, maybe you can find a web page that lists anyone who graduated from university in the last 10 years, then we can just scrape from that page.

    Or maybe you can search for some keywords on websites to get the data. Then you need to confirm what are the keywords.

    Here are some tutorials related:
    Scrape Data Via Google Searching
    Scrape data on Instagram


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