TripAd - cannot extract other items than reviews text


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  • long941032


    It seems that you want to scrape all the info from one page, therefore, you need to cover all the data you need within one single action, if not, you will see redundant steps are added to the workflow. To avoid that, you have to click on every single data once the "Extract data" action has been created, if you are not satisfied please note that you should remove the previous one(s) and retry "Extract data" again. Sometimes if you mistakenly click on the wrong info, you should click "Undo" on the tips panel to cancel this motion. You seem to click "select all" after you select one single title of the text so it creates redundant loop in your workflow. So make sure if you want to collect more data when you finished generating a loop, just click on "select element" instead of "select all".

    Hope this helps.

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