I would need a new template if it's poosible. I need to download reviews from Tripadvisor and i want to know the title of the review, the text, the puntuation, the date of publication and the date of the experience. Fergus 2 comments 0 votes
Tripadvisor url : it gives null instead of star rating. And only 3 pages of results whereas it should be more than 1500 results Fergus 2 comments 0 votes
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The Task attached works correctly in Task Configuration: However, when running the Task in the Cloud, it is not able to get any data: Fergus 3 comments 0 votes
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Hi. I have hundreds of unique tracking number for various shipping website. Can Octoparse use these unique tracking numbers to query on the shipping website and extract selected shipment status and export into a excel? ysrwar 1 comment 0 votes
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I would like to know the date I initially cancelled the Free Trial subscription to the Professional Plan. Fergus 1 comment 0 votes
When I run a task, the website logs me out again. I can log in throw the task window but the View (show/hide columns) of the website gets reset and the scrape doesn't include the column that I want. Why can't the software keep me signed in on the website? Fergus 1 comment 0 votes
In the older version, when I did enter text, it pasted the text in the field instantly. Now it puts each character in, one by one, very slowly. Can I speed up the enter text so it is instant again, like the old version? Fergus 1 comment 0 votes
"Octoparse no longer works. A problem has prevented the correct execution of this program." Fergus 1 comment 0 votes
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