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Octoparse offers premium users a powerful cloud platform to run their tasks 24/7 at a higher speed. So when a task takes hours to finish, it is wiser to schedule it to run in the cloud. But do we get notified when the task is completed in the cloud?

The answer is a resounding yes. While Octoparse has yet to apply any form of push notifications, it has an option to notify users by email when a task finishes. Let's take a quick tour of this feature right away.

  • Start Octoparse and open any task on your dashboard

  • Click on the task settings icon next to the URL bar at the top of the workspace


You will notice a setting called Get notified by email Quota 0/X00. The daily email quota is set to 100 for the Standard plan, 200 for Professional, and 500 for Enterprise.

  • Tick the box before Receiving email notifications when a run is completed in the cloud

  • Save the task settings

Now, every time this task finishes in the cloud, Octoparse will send a notification to your registered email. The email will show you the status of the task, and the number of data lines scraped. If you feel the number of lines is 0 or less than it should be, you can go to Octoparse to revise the task.

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