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You may run into the issues below where you want to change your IP to different countries/regions in Octoparse.

  • Unable to open the target website because it has set IP limitations for certain countries/regions

  • The target website is very sensitive to web scraping and implements anti-scraping strategies such as IP blocking to stop scraping activities.

Octoparse now offers different IP pools from the US, UK, DE, JP, and CN. After choosing one pool, this task will be run with the IPs you select accordingly.

Default is the most used choice if you don't have special requirements and can reach your target website successfully. Generally, default IPs are US IP addresses. For users in Japan, default IPs will be Japanese IP addresses (If our support team has changed your IP pool before, you can confirm with them which IP group is your default now.)

STEP 1: Go to Task Setting


STEP 2: Find the Public IP Pool and switch to your preferred IP group from the dropdown list

STEP 3: Click Save


NOTE: Public IP Pool only works for the Cloud runs. If you would like to set up your own IP proxies for cloud or local runs, please check out this tutorial - Set up IP proxy

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