What is affiliate marketing?

Get rewarded for introducing the value of Octoparse to people around you.

How does the Octoparse affiliate program work?

  • STEP 1. Sign up for an agent account on Octoparse's official website.

  • STEP 2. Promote our product and service on your website.

  • STEP 3. Earn your commission when your referrals subscribe to our paid plans.

Sign up for an affiliate agent account

  1. Register an account using your preferred email address

  2. Send us your user name and email address to support@octoparse.com. Our customer support agent will activate your account as an affiliate agent account.

  3. Upon activation, sign in to your account at http://agent.octoparse.com/login

  4. Click "Get your general affiliate link", then click "Create Your Affiliate URL" (Please do not customize the URL).

  5. You will get a referral link that's unique to your affiliate account, just like your agent code. Use the provided referral link on your website or other promotional material, and get rewarded for the number of users converted through the referral link. Reach out the Octoparse support team if you have any questions!

Octoparse Paid Package

Sale Price

Referral Fee Percentage

Program Commission(USD)

Standard Month




Standard Quarter




Standard Year




Professional Month




Professional Quarter




Professional Year




Manage your affiliate account

An affiliate account is connected with the Octoparse account. You use the Octoparse account login credentials to log in to the affiliate centre.

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