Octoparse offers a 14-day free premium trial to explore advanced features such as Cloud runs and task templates (apply from here).

If your trial is about to expire, or it has expired, but you still need more time to evaluate Octoparse before you make any decision, you can contact us to extend your trial.

Normally, we provide a 6-day trial extension. If you need more time, please share with us your scraping details for us to evaluate.

Also, if you still are not sure if Octoparse can be a good fit or not, you're welcome to share details about your request with our support team. We'll help you evaluate.

We may need the following information:

  • Website(s) you want to scrape

  • Data fields you want

  • Frequency of your data needs

  • Ultimate goal you want to achieve

NOTE: you must cancel your trial before you ask for an extension of the trial to avoid being charged when the trial ends. Here is the tutorial: How do I cancel my trial?

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