If you would like to switch your account to a lower plan, you can downgrade your account online anytime.

1. Downgrade from premium plan to free account

Downgrading to a free account is simply the same as cancelling the premium subscription. Your account would be automatically set back to free when your current plan expires. (Check out how to cancel a premium subscription)

2. Downgrade from a higher premium plan to a lower one

If you would like to change your account from a professional plan to a Standard or from a yearly plan to a monthly one, you can follow the next steps:

STEP 1. Log in to your user center on our website

STEP 2. Go to Plan & Subscription and choose a plan you want to downgrade to

STEP 3. Fill out the payment information and complete the payment


  1. The payment will not be made until your current plan expires, although there is a message showing payment is successful.

  2. Your account will be downgraded till your current plan expires.

  3. Downgrading the plan successfully does not mean you can get the plan difference. If you do need a refund, please check Octoparse refund policy.

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