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After a task finishes scraping, you may want to use the same task to get data from another similar URL(s). This article describes how to update the URL list in a task.

  1. Update single URL

  2. Update multiple URLs

  3. Update URLs with API

1. Update single URL

If there is only one starting URL in the task (no Loop URLs), you can follow the steps below to update it.

  • Click on Go to Web Page in the workflow then paste your new URL into the URL box

  • Click Apply to save


2. Update multiple URLs

Octoparse allows users to loop a list of URLs based on the same webpage layout by creating a loop item. It is quite essential to make sure all the URLs are from the same domain, which is the precondition of successful Loop URLs action. Otherwise, Octoparse will not be able to recognize the URLs and perform further extraction steps.

  • Select Loop URLs and click the edit button

  • Copy and paste the new URL list into the box and click Save


Alternatively, you can click the Edit URLs button at the top of the built-in browser.


Then the URL list will be updated successfully. You can also select the other 3 ways to input the new URLs: Batch URL input

3. Update URLs with API

If you are a Professional plan or Enterprise solution user, you will have the access to the Octoparse OpenAPI to update your URLs automatically without opening Octoparse software.

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