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Let's say you have created a magnificent crawler with branches and loops, and you realize you have to start scraping from multiple links instead of a single link. Now you look back at your workflow, which looks like this.


We understand how much you don't want to start over at the moment!

Here comes a simple solution with two steps to save you from work.

1. Add a Loop to open the list of links

  • Click Add Step to add a step at the top of the workflow

  • Choose Loop in the dropdown menu

  • Set the Loop Mode as List of URLs

  • Click Manual Input [0 URLs]

  • Copy and paste the URL list into the input box on the following page


A new Loop has now been set up.


2. Combine the new Loop with the rest of your workflow

  • Drag the rest of the workflow into the first Loop Item as shown in the picture below:

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