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The extraction speed of a crawler is affected by the speed of page loading. If many unexpected ads appear on the web page, such as banners and pop-ups, the page will load slowly and waste your time. Ad blocking can reduce your page requests and thus optimize the loading time.

So, how can we block ads in Octoparse? Let's follow this tutorial for two solutions that can handle this issue.

Solution 1: Block the ads in the workflow

  • Click Go to Web Page > Option

  • Tick Block pop-up (Ads possibly)

  • Click Apply to save the change


Solution 2: Block the ads in the task setting

  • Click the gear icon at the top right corner

  • Tick Block Ads

  • Click Save



  1. Using the Ad blocking technique may change the structure of some web pages. If so, please adjust the XPath to relocate the elements. (Learn more about XPath, check out What is XPath and how to use it in Octoparse?)

  2. Using Ad blocking may cause page loading issues. If you find the page loads improperly, for example, the page cannot be loaded at all, please do not select Ad blocking.

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