Octoparse supports scraping 98% of all websites, including those with Ajax, java scripts, and other dynamic websites. It is also easy to interact with forms, drop-down lists, infinitive scrolling, and many more in Octoparse.

As a rule of thumb, any data/information that can be copied and pasted from any website can be scraped using Octoparse. More specifically, if the target data is found within the HTML source code of the website (even not visible on the webpage), then it can be scraped using Octoparse.

1. Elements visible on the webpage:

  • Text

  • Image URL

  • Links (URLs)

  • Inner/Outer HTML code

  • Attribute Value

For more information, please check out here: Extract attributes of a web element (text, URL, HTML, etc)

2. Any information hidden in the source code, such as:

  • Page URL

  • Page Title

  • Metadata

  • HTML source code

  • Current Time

Check out for more details:

However, whether you find it time-consuming to scrape data from complex websites, or just want to concentrate on running your business to its full potential, Octoparse also provides data services to help.

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