You can schedule a task to run on a regular basis. This feature enables you to scrape a website whenever you want without manually clicking on the start button.

The best practice of this feature is to use it to constantly scrape updated information from a website on a regular basis. For example, monitoring competitors' prices daily, keeping an eye on your suppliers' capacity, etc.

How to schedule a task to run?

1. Click on Not Set under Next Run

2. Choose how often you would like to run the task. There are 4 types of schedule settings.

  • Schedule the task to run at a specific time once

  • Schedule the task to run on a weekly/daily basis

  • Schedule the task to run on a monthly basis

  • Schedule the task to run repeatedly in a short time interval

3. Save the settings for later use. Input a name on the box under Settings. Then click Save. (Note that this save button is for saving the settings name.)

After that, when you click on other tasks, you can find the schedule settings you saved before. You can apply it to other tasks.

5. Click Schedule ON to save the schedule settings and start the scheduled run.

6. The schedule will be displayed under the Next Run column on the Dashboard and you can click on it to change or cancel the schedule.

How to schedule a group of tasks?

1. Switch to Task Group mode on the Dashboard by clicking on the top right corner

2. Hover on the group name and you will see the option to schedule the task group

How to Schedule ON/OFF multiple tasks at once?

1. Click the square box before the task name

2. Click on the Schedule option on the top navigation bar

3. Choose Add Cloud Schedules or Remove Cloud Schedules

3. Lastly, click on Confirm

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