Many companies use Octoparse to collect public business contact and location data, such as email and relevant business details.

If you need business data from Yellow Pages, Yelp, or Google Maps, you can check out the following guides to get started quickly. Task Templates for these popular websites are also available.

Yellow Pages

Scrape leads from Yellowpages (Version 8.4)

Scrape business details from Yell


Scrape business information from Yelp

Scrape customer reviews from Yelp

Google & Google Maps

Scrape data from Google Search

Scrape Business Information from Google Maps

Scrape reviews from Google Maps (V8.4)

Scrape reviews from Google Play (V8.5)

If your target websites are not covered in our step-by-step case tutorials, no worries, you can still follow our basic tutorials to learn and set up the task.

Here is a roadmap for you to get started.

1. Load the target webpage(s)

2. Navigate the webpage

Check the webpage structure and then set up actions correspondingly.

3. Extract data

4. Run & Export

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