Can I extract emails or phone numbers from websites?

With Octoparse you can easily extract emails and phone numbers from web pages with the same/similar page layout. You can simply click on any phone number and select Extract text of the selected element.

What type of emails or phone numbers does Octoparse extract?

When Octoparse extracts data, it actually parses and picks up the content from the source code. Hence phone numbers in text format can be successfully captured by Octoparse.

For example, when we extract "Krishnam Bio-tech", Octoparse actually captures the text between the attributes <span> capture the text here <span>.

However, some websites may use anti-scraping measures and encrypt the email or phone numbers in an image or other non-text formats. (But it looks like text format on the webpage).

How can I get the encrypted phone numbers with Octoparse?

But worry not, there is a convenient workaround if you are looking to scrape phone numbers from websites like Justdial.

The phone numbers will be displayed as text if we scrape it from a mobile browser. That means, to extract data from these websites, we need to change the User agent for the task.

  • Go to the task settings and change the UA settings

  • Use Safari iOS for mobile for your task on Justdial


Voila! We can see the phone numbers are successfully extracted in the data preview section.

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