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Octoparse now offers Standard Mode and Boost Mode for both local and cloud extraction tasks.


What are Boost Mode and Standard Mode?

  • Boost Mode: as the name implies, your task can be executed faster compared to Standard Mode. A task would be split into several sub-tasks to be executed at the same time.

    Local Extraction will be 3 times faster than standard mode depending on the task. Cloud Extraction is the same as Version 8.4 which is generally 4-10 times faster compared to standard mode.

  • Standard Mode: Your task will not be split, so the scraping speed is limited.


  1. In version 8.4 (or lower versions), all tasks are defaulted to running in Boost Mode in the Cloud if they can be split.

  2. Run the task from the Dashboard or schedule a task to run in the Cloud, they will run in Boost Mode if they can be split.

  3. Local Boost Mode can be set up as the default option in your account settings. After setting it up, all local runs (manually started runs or scheduled runs) will be run in Boost Mode if they can be split.


What tasks can you use Boost Mode for?

The task is required to be splittable. A splittable task can be broken down into multiple sub-tasks which can be run simultaneously, thus making the extraction faster.

In Octoparse, there are 5 types of loop mode but only 3 types are splittable:

  • List of URLs (mostly used)

  • Text list

  • Fixed list

To sum up, the task must include a Loop Item, and the Loop Mode of the Loop Item should be URL List, Text List, or Fixed List.

Why do I not see the option for Boost Mode?


Some tasks do not have the Boost Mode option to run because the task cannot be split, which means the task does not have a Loop Item with URL List, Text List or Fixed List. in this case, Octoparse will run your task in Standard Mode by default.

Octoparse offers different numbers of concurrent local runs in Boost Mode depending on the packages you subscribed to. Free Plan subscribers can also enjoy Boost Mode to enhance local extraction.

Please check the table below to see the number of concurrent local Boost Mode runs for different packages.







Concurrent local runs using Boost Mode

3 times

5 times




Free plan users can use Boost Mode 3 times in total to test the feature. One run is recognized as one time. They can run one task 3 times or run 3 different tasks.

Standard and higher plan users don't have limitations on the time of Boost Mode usage. They can use it as many times as they want. Just make sure not to exceed the concurrent run limitations. For example, Standard plan users can only run 2 tasks in Boost Mode at the same time.

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