Welcome aboard! Octoparse is a web scraping software that helps you quickly fetch data from any website, without coding! Here at Octoparse, we strive to help you get what you see with a visual scraping process. With a constantly evolving Auto-detect algorithm, we are now offering you an easier way to extract any data from any website. We hope you'd like what you see.

Who is it for?

Octoparse is perfect for businesses of all sizes and individuals of all backgrounds. Web data is no longer an asset exclusive to people with technical skills.

Anyone can use Octoparse to build a crawler in minutes. Octoparse not only has made the lives of tens of thousands of developers easier by providing a one-stop platform to take care of all crawling processes, but it has also made web data accessible to those that want web page data but do not necessarily have the programming skills.

How does Octoparse scrape websites?

Octoparse automatically extracts web page data as it simulates real human browsing actions, such as opening a web page and clicking on a page element/button. The whole extraction process is defined automatically in a workflow with each individual action representing a particular interaction with the target webpage.

If you are feeling lucky, your target data may be auto-detected as soon as you enter the webpage URL or there may be a ready-to-use template already available for your target website.

Web page auto-detection

Ready-to-use templates

Can I use Octoparse to scrape data from any websites?

Octoparse is truly built on "you get what you see". As long as the desired data is visible on the web page, you will be able to scrape it with Octoparse. For more complicated websites, Octoparse offers advanced features to deal with login, AJAX, JSON, infinite scrolling, cookies, CAPTCHA, etc.

Some of the most popular sought-after information include product prices, product information, social media data, real-estate information, job posts, news articles and so much more.

What can I achieve with Octoparse?

As Octoparse works to scrape data from different websites (e-commerce, social media, directories, job boards... ), it can help fulfil most data extraction requirements. Businesses around the world are using this powerful tool for price monitoring, social trend discovery, risk management, content aggregation, and many more use cases.

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