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Cookies are designed to record a user's browsing activities such as log-in cookies. Octoparse also has a feature that allows you to save and use cookies to deal with certain scenarios.

Here are some scenarios where you may need to use cookies:

  1. Temporarily save your log-in credentials (Most frequently used)

  2. Save language settings if a certain website has multi-lingual settings

  3. Save button clicking information for pop-ups

  4. Save delivery location information on eCommerce websites

How to save and use cookies in Octoparse?

Take saving log-in cookies as an example; let's first complete the log-in settings in Octoparse (Reference: Scrape data behind a login). Here are the following steps after login:

1. Click Go to Web Page action in the workflow


2. Tick Use cookie and then click Use cookies from the current page. "Not set" will be changed to "Saved" after you click the Use cookie button from the current page. Press Apply to save it.


How to update and delete cookies?

Cookies can expire quite soon, so you may need to update your cookies saved in Octoparse.

Here are the steps to delete and update cookies.

1. Click the icon next to the Saved button to open the cookie box. Select all the text in the box and then delete them. Press Confirm to save it.


2. Press Use cookie from the current page again to retrieve the current cookie. Click Apply to save.


If you don't need cookie settings, you can just uncheck Use cookie.

TIP: If you want to clear cookies every time the website is opened, you can check "Clear cache before loading the web page".

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