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Not all data can be accessed directly. In many cases, you may need to interact with the target web page in one way or another to access the data you need, such as login in, searching with keywords, or even clicking through a dropdown menu. The good news is that it's still possible to take advantage of the auto-detect feature by adding the extra steps manually before running the auto-detect process.

1. Create a new task by entering the web page URL into the search bar.


2. Interact with the webpage to add the necessary steps

The auto-detect process will start once the web page is loaded in the built-in browser.

However, by clicking Cancel Auto-detect in the Tips panel, you can stop the detection and add the steps needed to access your data manually.


You can interact with the webpage in several ways. Refer to the tutorials below to learn more about each way:

3. Auto-detect the webpage

Once you've arrived at the web page containing the data you'd like to capture, select "Auto-detect web page data" on "Tips". Go on building the task like any other task.

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