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As the second most popular search engine directly behind Google, Youtube provides many fantastic videos for people around the world – where the video's associated data can also be precious.

This tutorial will show you how to scrape comments from a Youtube video in only 3 steps with the Octoparse auto-detection feature.


To follow through with the tutorial, you may want to use the URL below:

Here are the main steps in this tutorial: [Download task file here]

  1. Create a Go to Web Page - to open the target website

  2. Auto-detect the webpage - to create a workflow

  3. Run the task - to get your desired data

1. Create a Go to Web Page - to open the target website

  • Enter the target URL into the search bar on the home screen and click Start.


2. Auto-detect the webpage - to create a workflow

  • Click Auto-detect web page data in Tips and wait for the detection to complete

  • Check the data fields in Data preview and delete unwanted fields or rename them if needed

  • Click Create workflow


NOTE: YouTube uses page scroll down to load more comments; thus, to make sure that all the data can be loaded and extracted, we need to set an appropriate waiting time for the Page Scroll-down.

  • Click Scroll Page in your workflow

  • Set Wait time: 2-3s recommended

  • Click Apply


If you want to learn more about Page Scroll-down or set up one manually, please check out here.

3. Run the task - to get your target data

  • Click Save on the upper right to save your task

  • Click Run next to it and wait for a Run Task window to pop up

  • Select Run on your device to run the task on your local device

  • Wait for the task to complete

Here is a sample output from a local run:

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