Error 1: We cannot verify your card

Resolution A: Your card might be expired or you have entered an invalid CVV. Please check the card expiration date and the CVV number, then try again later.

Resolution B: If all of the required information is correct, the transaction may fail when we detect suspicious actions. Please try the following methods:

  1. Change your browser to Chrome or to an updated one.

  2. Use another credit card or PayPal account.

  3. Open a new incognito window to process the payment.

Error 2: Processor Declined

Resolution: This usually happens when the bank is unwilling to accept the transaction. You will need to contact the bank for more details.

Error 3: Gateway rejected

Resolution: A gateway rejection indicates that a transaction or verification request did not pass certain settings or rules in the gateway of our payment system. Please leave us a message to help you process the payment.

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