Octoparse has task limitations for different plans:

  • Free plan, 10 tasks.

  • Standard plan, 100 tasks.

  • Professional plan, 250 tasks.

  • Enterprise plan, 750 tasks.

We have 2 options for you once you reach your task limit.


Option 1: Delete unnecessary tasks

To delete one task or more:

  • Tick the task name to select the task(s) on the dashboard panel

  • You can select more than one task

  • Click the Delete Task button on the top menu

  • Choose Confirm to confirm


Now, you have deleted task(s) you no longer need.

You can also delete a whole task group if you want.

  • Switch to Task Group view on Dashboard

  • Move the cursor over to the task group name

  • Choose the delete button


Note: Deleted tasks and data CANNOT be recovered. Please be careful with your delete action.

Option 2: Upgrade to a higher plan

If you don't want to delete any tasks and you still want more tasks to fulfil your needs, in this case, we suggest you upgrade to a higher plan to have more task quota.

For Enterprise plan users, you can purchase our unlimited task storage ($299) to have unlimited tasks. The benefit is exclusive to enterprise plan users at the moment.

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