Octoparse provides a tool for anyone to access the needed data from web pages quickly. If you choose to use Octoparse, you are advised to use it at your own discretion, and Octoparse will also try its best to protect your data. Data safety has always been our priority.

There are two kinds of information stored on Octoparse's server, namely, the user's personally identifiable information (PII) and cloud extracted and stored data. We will address 3 situations in terms of data safety.

Whether your user information will be leaked by Octoparse?

We use industry-standard practices for handling customer data. A limited number of Octoparse employees have access to customer PII data via access-controlled mechanisms. Technical operations employees have access to the raw data storage service. All other employees are prohibited from accessing customer data.

Octoparse collects and stores other PII as part of its marketing program. For full details, please refer to our security and privacy policies.

Whether your extracted data will be used by others?

The data extracted is stored locally on your computer and will not be accessed by anyone but you, so it would not risk any safety hazard.

As for cloud-stored data, they are encrypted and only could be accessed with your login credential. You can export the data and clear the data on your own. Octoparse will never collect or use any data stored in the users' accounts.

Whether others' PII will be scraped by the Octoparse tool?

It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that they are using our product in compliance with the prevailing laws, meaning if you are going to scrape data from a website that is not allowed to scrape or use the PII data collected by Octoparse illegally, is all about your individual risk.

Here is more information about personally identifiable information (PII):

In GDPR terms, "personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’), which includes and is not limited to the following:

Full name, Home address, Email address, Social security number, Passport number, Driver’s license number, Credit card number, Date of birth, Telephone number, and Login details.

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